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I'm smiling from ear to ear!!

Because we have something in common...

We love to dance! 

We know it takes hard work, commitment and dedication yet we are still willing to sacrifice all it takes and push our mind and body to the limit to become the best dancer/performer we can be!

My name is Nazene and I am the Principal of Nazene Danielle's Dance Dynamix. I have been in your (dance) shoes!


I know what it is like to be that child who dances around the living room, who lives, dreams and breathes dance 24hrs a day and who needs that special mentor to fine tune that raw talent and guide you in the right direction..

I also know what a daunting yet exciting time in life it is to transition from dance school to dance college and make that big decision of finding the right studio/home for you to thrive and set you up for an exhilarating career. 

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I am so lucky to have been a mentor for 100's of other dancers, just like you, over the past 20 years and help educate, inspire and mentor them into achieving great, life changing, things!

World Champion Titles, West End Musicals, Touring Musicals, Cruise Ships, Exams, Teaching Qualifications, Netflix, Arena Tours... You name it, we have achieved it!

Now its your turn...

Let me, along with my wonderful team of tutors, share my knowledge and help you grow and transform in to the greatest dancer you can be!

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