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Tools to help you become a more mindful dancer and help you reach your full potential. 


My Dance Journal 

A beautiful goal setting and wellbeing journal for those who study dance. 

Identify your biggest dreams in the GOAL SETTING sections. Recognise what may be holding you back, determine where you are in your dance journey, what you want to achieve, and how you will get there.

The key to living a happy and fulfilling life is to find balance. Dancers must be disciplined, focused, and committed to their art form, but they should also rest, spend time with loved ones, and practice self-care.

This journal provides you with a daily checklist to make sure you are checking in on all areas of your life every day and becoming a well rounded, beautiful human. 


Please note this is a digital e-book that requires you to print the worksheet. 

The Home Workout Manual 

This manual will set out some daily training regimes for you to follow and has some resources at the back for you to track your progress. Use it to stay strong, focussed and motivated and as a tool to support your dance training. 

This manual comes complete with video tutorials.

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