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The opportunities that arise at NDDD are endless! 

Some of my most memorable include:

Dance Mums U.K,  

Competing in the ISTD Janet Cram Awards, winning Most Outstanding Dance and the Senior Title.

Dance World Cup, winning Most Outstanding Female Performer at the age of 16.

At 16 I spent some time at the Urdang Academy, London.

I then later returned to NDDD at 18 to work towards my DDE Teaching Qualification & continue with performance opportunities performing a Lukas McFarlane piece at Move it & joining a touring immersive cinematic company.

It was from here I gained my first contract with Royal Caribbean Cruises Freedom of the Seas. I am currently continuing my second contract with Royal Caribbean, on Quantum of the Seas in Singapore, being one of the only ships in service during the pandemic.

My time at these studios holds a special place in my heart, the Dance Dynamix Team were, and still are, considered my second family.

Chloe Greenwood

Fay Tennant Head Shot .jpg

 I trained at Nazene Danielle’s Dance Dynamix from age 12-18 in both the school and college. 

The training I received at my time as a school student was amazing my technical ability improved greatly and this was down to supportive teaching staff and access to a wide variety of classes in several genres. 

I was a quieter child who hid at the back of the class despite this I was given several amazing opportunities due to the vigilance of the staff and this in turn aided with enhancing my qualities as a performer. 

The intensive course at college provided me with all the tools I needed to go off and work in professional environments and Miss Nazene provides college students with several opportunities for this. I was lucky enough to perform in several pantomimes working my way up to dance captain and eventually assisting with the juvenile dancers choreography which at 18 was a huge opportunity. Other opportunities I was given were performing at the Barclays globe awards, playing Baby in an interact cinema event and dancing at reminisce festival. 

Whilst working to become a performer the teaching qualifications are also a great asset and being able to have teaching experience from helping with classes in the school really helped me to understand what I was learning and how to teach effectively. 

I am now studying a BA Honours Degree in Dance Performance, Teaching and Choreography with the University of Derby at Preston’s College Dance. My training at Nazene’s prepared me for all aspects of this as I had been given teaching experience, many performance opportunities and nurtured to become the best all-round dancer that I could be.

Fay Tennant

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 I am currently a 3rd year student at Nazene Danielle’s
Dance Dynamix College of Performing Arts.

The best decision I ever made was to pursue my Dance and Performance dreams at Nazene
Danielle’s College. It has made me the performer I am today, creating endless memories and
unforgettable experiences.


As a young girl I always begged my mum to let me attend the
Dance School as I just loved all of their routines, events and opportunities. Continuing my training at the College, I have learnt so much over the years, not only in dance, but as a teacher, performer and


The teachers train disciplined, hard-working and driven students. Each day the
College has so much purpose and development in order to aid myself and the other students, with each
class being carefully chosen for a specific reason, to a wide range of classes which
helps to expand my versatility. The staff have gone above and beyond for me from my first year to
my last, always making sure I feel confident in all my exams, providing extra lessons and giving me many
performing and teaching opportunities, which has developed my confidence as an individual
and to help me with encouragement, motivation and love.


At the College they really prepare you for the
professional world.  I won’t be intimidated or afraid as I feel I am ready and trained for the industry. One
thing from the pandemic that has come to my attention is that how important it is for me to
have my teaching qualifications in later life, as performing is not always guaranteed. I am
currently working towards my DDE Modern and Tap and Level 4 IDTA teaching qualification.
I have already completed my BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Performing Arts.


Nazene and the
rest of the staff have supported me so much and allowed me to fulfil my dream. They have
so much hope and belief in me to give me the courage to never give up. I am very excited to
explore the dance industry but my training and memories at Nazene Danielle’s will never
leave me. They have trained me not just for my career but for life experiences.

Mia Gibbons

I have been training at Nazene Danielle's Dance Dynamix since the age of 7 as a competitive dancer and have competed locally, nationally and internationally with the school in multiple competitions.

I have trained and worked my way up, to now having a place in the Nazene Danielle's Dance Dynamix College of Performing Arts and am now currently in my 2nd year.


For the past 2 years, I have been on the Intensive course studying towards my;

  • BTEC Extended Diploma In Performing Arts

  • Diploma In Dance Education (DDE ISTD)

  • Level 3 Diploma In Dance (IDTA)

I am gaining these qualifications alongside intense dance training in numerous styles, including Commercial, Tap, Jazz, Ballet and many more. The college also hold vocal and acting lessons for those who are interested in the Musical Theatre side of the industry. 


Since joining the College, not only have I met some amazing new people, but I have also trained with the best of the best. As well we a range of inspiring teachers including the Principal, Nazene Danielle, who are highly trained and experienced in the dance world. This is a massive bonus as they give great tips on how to go about the industry and what path to take. Also they have offered me numerous amazing opportunities like auditions, shows, events and many more.


I personally feel that for the duration of my training in the College, I have noticed a massive improvement in technique and confidence in my dancing and also have noticed myself maturing as a person and dancer. 

Sophie Nugent


 I am a first year student training at Nazene Danielle's Dance Dynamix College of Performing Arts.

I am currently working towards my BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Performing Arts & DDE (Diploma in Dance Education) teaching qualification.


I am so grateful for how much I have experienced within 5 months of starting college, even though we are in unprecedented times, my learning has never been compromised! The teachers are really supportive & are always there if you need them. They push you to be your best & look out for you.


What I love about NDDD is that I can be myself, nobody judges or questions you, everyone is so encouraging and they always want the best for you. Every time I am in a class I always learn something new.


Although I am only in my 1st year I have learnt so much already, from amazing opportunities, workshops to learning in class from the amazing faculty, I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Molly Thorpe Franklin

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